Pérez Domingo offers legal representation and consultancy services in the real estate sector, both to companies and individuals, in sales or purchase operations for properties, commercial premises, buildings, etc.

Similarly, we can act as legal advisors in operations such as property investment, financing, the drawing up of all types of property contracts or agreements, property inheritance, etc. We give advice to our clients in pre-contentious and contentious matters.

Here at Pérez Domingo, we have ample experience in Property Law. Contact us if you want more information and we will help you.


  • Due Diligence in the purchase of property.
  • Sales and Purchases Contracts.
  • Construction Contracts.
  • Sales and Purchases of Land.
  • Tax Planning.
  • Pre-contentious and Contentious Consultancy.
  • Property Investment.
  • First Registration of Estates.
  • Double Registration.
  • Third Parties.
  • Division of Horizontal Property.
  • Division of Commonly Owned Properties.
  • Document Processing (Property Register, Cadastral Register).
  • Restoration of the Chain of Title.