We offer our clients a consultancy and management service which covers the legal needs required of all companies in matters of Labour and Social Security, in accordance with current provisions and their formal obligations.



  • Registration of the company with the Labour Ministry, Social Security and the corresponding Mutual Insurance Company for Accidents at Work.
  • Registration, de-registration and variations of employees through the Electronic Document Remission system (RED system from the Spanish).
  • Inclusions and exclusions from Social Security special regimes.
  • Preparation of contribution slips for Social Security, electronic transmission of the employee payroll list and also direct debiting of the settlements via the RED system. Deferral of quotas via ordinary process of law or via summary court proceedings.
  • Processing, with the National Institute of Social Security (INSS from the Spanish) or a Mutual Insurance Company, of certificates for sick leave, end of sick leave and confirmation of illness.
  • Formalisation of workplace accident reports via the DELTA system.
  • Queries and reports from the company and its employees, and certifications thereof.


  • Preparation of payslips, bonus payments, arrears, managers’ payslips, compensations and severance pay.
  • Study of costs per employee. Staff reports and summaries.
  • Preparation of Personal Income Tax (IRPF from the Spanish) settlements and certificates of withholdings for residents and non-residents, workers and professionals.


  • Pre-labour study for the hiring of employees, bonuses and subsidies.
  • Drawing up of contracts, extensions, variations and job offers and also their corresponding processing with the Public Service of State Employment (SEPE from the Spanish).


  • Processing of subsidies in labour matters.
  • Appearances before the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service (SMAC from the Spanish).
  • Appearance on behalf of the company before the Treasury, INSS and Workplace Inspectors.
  • Study and processing of claims for Retirement, Disability, Maternity, etc. with the INSS.
  • Interpretation of Collective Agreements.
  • Consultancy about Labour Risks.
  • Labour Due Diligence.