When a company decides to establish itself in Spain or to open a subsidiary, it usually underestimates the stress and frustration of relocating and this often leads to serious infringements as regards the Administration.

What happens if you wish to Change Headquarters?

The modification of the Spanish Capital Companies Act grants the administrative bodies of Spanish companies the power to change headquarters without having to recur to a shareholders meeting.

We also provide consultancy in transfers of registered offices for foreign companies which wish to establish themselves in Spain, studying the various legal implications (Tax, Labour, Economic, etc.) which may occur as a result of the move.

Here at Pérez Domingo, we have ample experience in the international sector. Contact us if you want more information and we will help you.


  • Viability studies and investment cost analyses.
  • Tax, accounting, labour, legal and administrative consultancy.
  • Comprehensive management of the company, adapting to possible changes and eventualities.