In this area of law, we provide consultancy, prosecution and defence services in matters concerning Damages, Responsibility and Insurance Law. Similarly, we assist our clients in criminal proceedings in any jurisdictional authority, whether this is as the defence of the accused, defendant or liable third party, or as part of the prosecution.

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Consultancy and Legal Defence for Accidents:

  • Traffic, Rail, Sea, Air, Rides, Public Festivities, Shopping Centres, Nautical, Labour Accidents, Sports, Public Streets, Hunting, Forests, Animals, etc.

Compensation Claims for Victims of Personal Damages and Economic and Asset Losses:

  • Caused by persons, as a consequence of violent, culpable, negligent or malicious acts.
  • Caused by companies, as a consequence of breaches of contract, the negligent conduct of employees or the manufacture, sale or distribution of products with dangerous consequences.
  • Caused by the failure of the Public Administrations. State liability of the Administration: medical negligence, delays in urgent medical attention, judicial errors, review of sentences.
  • Caused by actions of contractual and extra-contractual liability.

Consultancy and legal defence in private insurance contracted by individuals and companies:

  • Life, Death, Investment, Retirement, Home, Community, Health, Travel, Study, etc.
  • Claims outside of the legal deadline due to trusting the economic offer of the insurer.