Business Management

PÉREZ DOMINGO pays special attention to business management. Our clients come from diverse business sectors and countries and we work with them to analyse each initiative and decision that is made (company objective, human resources, investments, finance, taxation, etc.) until together we determine the most suitable procedures.

We adapt to the needs of our clients and offer them our experience and knowledge as vitally important tools for facilitating the success of their business.


    • Drafting of articles of association and their adaptation.
    • Constitution and legalisation of Commercial Companies and Business Partnerships.
    • Company transformations, expansions, dissolutions and liquidations.
    • Transfers of stocks and shares.
    • Company contracts (sales, option, distribution, agency, franchises, etc.).
    • Contracts of lease, sale and purchase, etc. for business properties and homes.
    • Company registry information.
    • Legalisation and update of other official record books:
    • – Minutes Books
    • – Shareholder Registry Books