With the passage of time, Accounting Law has become increasingly important in the current business environment. International harmonisation, along with its legal repercussions, make it very clear that companies need to adapt to accounting law.

Here at Pérez Domingo, we have brought together Accounting and Tax Law into one department, thus facilitating the realisation of a structured accounting that is suited to each business activity. It allows us to carry out a detailed analysis and interpretation of the operations that occur within companies.

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  • Consultancy in accounting processes for company operations.
  • Accounting consultancy for intra-group operations and operations with associates.
  • Consultancy and preparation of individual and consolidated annual accounts.
  • Consultancy and collaboration with the company in inspection or auditing processes.
  • Consultancy in restructuring operations (mergers, demergers, business combinations, global assignments of assets, joint ventures, etc.).
  • Studies and consultancy on applicable accounting regulations and their significance as regards tax.
  • Consultancy in appraisals of property and assets.
  • Drafting of accounting reports.
  • Drafting of queries for the Accounting Institute and Accounts Auditors.