Multidisciplinary character

Pérez Domingo is a firm of multidisciplinary professionals which was founded in 1990 and it has been oriented towards business consultancy from the very beginning. We specialise in Consultancy matters in the fields of Law, Tax, Accounting and Labour and we have a pronounced international character.

This specialisation means that not only can we offer our clients highly qualified consultancy, but we are also in a position to go into great detail in all aspects of business management, such as: Taxation, Expenses, Accounting, Methods of Finance, Legal Matters, etc. These affairs can range from the constitution of a company and the drawing up of lease, employment, distribution and agency contracts, to the protection of your intellectual property, the preparation of prevention manuals and crime control (Corporate Compliance), due diligence, etc. We can also do all this on an international level.

By harmonising the two fields of Consultancy and Advocacy, we allow our clients to concentrate into a single professional office the daily management of their company and any contentious issues they may face, both in Spain and in other European countries. Each management operation is carried out by experts and qualified professionals, providing our clients with trust and the guarantee of a job well done.

At PEREZ DOMINGO, in addition to our ample experience in the sector, we have a team that is made up of professionals who have a fluid grasp of languages: English, French and Dutch. This facilitates our communications with the persons or companies who contact us from other countries, allowing us to carry out any type of process or management which our clients, both from Spain and abroad, need on an international level.

Our Philosophy

The constant growth of PÉREZ DOMINGO would not have been possible without the trust that our clients place in the ability, efforts and dedication of our professionals. This work philosophy is what defines our own way of understanding and practicing the profession.

The foundations of this office are made of its human capital and its teamwork. Our purpose is to gain a thorough understanding of the specificities and necessities of each client, as well as their objectives, structure and the nature of their business, so as to provide them with personalised consultancy.

Our team is made up of thirteen professionals, all of whom identify with the same objective: to provide value as well as offer efficiency and innovation. We carry out our activity within the field of business consultancy, through Legal, Tax, Accounting and Labour Consulting Services.

We offer our clients global legal coverage thanks to our international offices and also through other firms with whom we have collaboration agreements.

About the Firm
José Ángel Pérez Domingo Founder – Honorary President Lawyer
Tere Pérez Domingo Partner – Director of Labour Department Labour Relations Specialist – Degree in Labour Sciences Specialities:
Labour and Social Security Law
Labour Management for Businesses (Affiliations, Employment Contracts, Payroll, etc.)
Labour Auditing and Consultancy
Human Resources
Languages: Spanish and English
MAIKA FABRA socia de Pérez Domingo Maika Fabra Patón Partner - Director of Consultancy and Business Development Department Consultant – Degree in Business Sciences Specialities:
Business Advisory Services
Management Consultancy and Business Strategy
Project Management
Feasibility Studies
Due Diligence (procurement transactions and business sales operations)
Languages: Spanish and French
Aurora García Rodríguez Head of the Fiscal, Economic and Accounting Department in Pérez Domingo. Specialising in Taxation, Tributation, Property Advice, Business Mergers Economist – Graduate in Finance and Accounting Specialities:
Tax Planning
Spanish and International Taxation
Taxation and Wealth Consultancy Services
Mergers and Acquisitions
Structured Financing – Financial Consultancy
Expatriates – Tax Obligations
Languages: Spanish, English
VICTORIA PASCUAL, administración en Pérez Domingo Victoria Pascual Tamarit Head of Administration and Corporate Communication Department Administration – Degree in English Specialities:
Administration and Secretarial Work
Languages: Spanish, English and French
Josefa Chordá Furió Head of Labor Department, Labor Relations and Human Resources in Pérez Domingo. Labour Relations Specialist – Degree in Labour Relations and HR Specialities:
Labour and Social Security Law
Labour Management for Businesses (Affiliations, Employment Contracts, Payroll, etc.)
Labour Auditing and Consultancy
Human Resources
Languages: Spanish and French
Sophie Mercier Legal Department EU Lawyer – Degree in Law Specialities:
Commercial and Corporate Law
Bankruptcy Law
Real Estate and Registration Law
European and International Law
Civil Law
Sports Law
Arbitration – Member of the French-Spanish Committee
Languages: French, English, Spanish and Dutch
Sonia Milara Ballester abogada en Pérez Domingo Sonia Milara Ballester Legal Department Lawyer – Degree in Law Specialities:
Damages, Responsibility and Insurance Law
Criminal Law
Corporate Compliance
Family Law
Administrative Law
Sports Law
Mediator in Civil, Family, Criminal and Commercial matters.
Languages: Spanish and English
Frederic Dechamps abogado. Pérez Domingo Abogados Frederic Dechamps Brussels Desk Lawyer – Degree in Law Specialities:
Commercial and Business Law
Intellectual Property Law
New Technologies Law
Languages: French, English and Spanish
Maxime Le Borne abogado en Pérez Domingo Maxime Le Borne Brussels Desk Lawyer – Degree in Law Specialities:
Commercial Law
Real Estate Law
Computer Law
Mediator in Civil and Commercial matters
Languages: French, English and Dutch
Tom Meevis. Despacho en Eindhoven (Holanda). Pérez Domingo abogados Tom Meevis Eindhoven (Holland) Desk Lawyer – Degree in Law Specialities:
Company Law (Mergers and Acquisitions)
Corporate and Contractual Law
Financial Law
Energy Law
Intellectual Property Law (New Technologies)
Languages: Dutch and English
Pérez Domingo The Hague (Holland) Desk Specialities:
Pharmaceutical Law
Consumer Law
Commercial and Business Law

Independence and transparency

Our team’s work is marked by values such as commitment, by integrity and also by the objectivity shown in all of its professional actions, thus ensuring our clients that we are independent and transparent.

Our clients receive a personalised and friendly service based on our core values. We are involved and committed so that together we can attain your goals in the best way we know: with dedication and hard work.

The experience we have gained, united with the continuous training received by our team of professionals and with the constant spirit of service, puts us in a solid position from which we can cover our clients’ needs and offer them specific support.

Profesionalidad y seriedad al ofrecer servicios jurídicos

Commitment to our clients

MISSION.- To offer top level professional services which allow our clients to find to the best solutions to their issues, to help them improve their growth and competitiveness whilst satisfying their needs entirely, all from a single office.

VISION.- We wish to consolidate ourselves as a leading firm for Legal, Tax, Accounting and Labour Consultancy within the business world. We want our professional experience and knowledge to contribute to our clients’ achievement of their objectives.

VALUES.- This firm bases its professional and corporate actions on its company values: quality, trust and commitment. We are always thinking of our clients and therefore we try to be accessible, friendly, loyal and above all honest.